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Every holiday have own special smell.  The industry with artificial scents now it and you can have you home smell like Christmas, or like if you bake a turkey ( in the situation,  you just ordered whole meal, but like to pretend you make itself, or just have this right feeling of Thanksgiving).  But let me tell you the best artificial smell still artificial and if you will call back you warm memories, have this cozy feeling of home then you have to cook.

Smells of national kitchen give sometimes not very cozy nicknames to certain group of immigrants like sauerkraut for Germans in 19 century. It is truth, that roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings is the embodying of German kitchen, but it is the same for a Czech kitchen. It is not more iconic foods with red or white cabbage, what is connecting these kitchens. This is way holidays from east and south Germany and Czech holiday’s smells almost identical. This closeness was inspiration for many interesting stories especially here in Texas, a musical The Heart of the Thin Trunk, staged  in Round Top in Hill Country,  just short time ago, but also  to many marriages between Czech and German immigrants, what not happen  so much in old time in Europe. Because the old saying, what teach young bachelorettes about importance of cooking sed: Love comes thru the stomach.

It forms also lots of deep friendships between women from these neighboring countries here beyond the big see.  Europe is so small from here.

I have one too, just  like the heroines from the musical about Texas live.   Her name is Edigna. We bake together strudel, Christmas cookies, St. Martin goose, or duck with red cabbage. Our houses smell before Christmas like vanilla, cinnamon and bake apples. Not artificial smell: Real worm smell from Christmas cookies and gingerbread.

We both have real Christmas decoration make from straw, decorated ginger bread and apples. They smell too.

In Europe we do not celebrate Thanksgiving like here, but Village Fair and big feast connected with celebration, will usually present a goose, call Holly Martin goose, it is on 11.11. In memory for a Saint Martin.  Old legend tell the story about him : Holly Martin was very scanty and shay was hiding in a goose house if he supposed to be ordain to bishop, but geese’s give him out a for remembering of  it we eat them. Our houses with Edigna smell with roasted goose and sauerkraut but sometimes with green apples stuffing and liver pate.

In spring we are coloring eggs, our houses smell with ham, but also with soup make from herbs what we find not just in garden but in meadows too.

Strudel or some kuchen, we bake for every café kranzchen, or klatch ( Simply café session) ,  What is often in good German and Czech families, practically every Sunday afternoon.

We both make in early summer a rhubarb kolac , me ,  and rhubarb kuchen Edigna .  On the end of summer or early fall a zwechken kuchen ( plum cake)  with streusel. It this time, old saying claims in both our courtiers, the beer have not good test. I think it just not go together, you have to stay with wiener mélange what we both cook with Edigna.

We not just exchange the recipes with Edigna, we also many times backed together for holydays, or cook for our friends.

Christmas is also a smell from rosted kastanien/ chestnuts and gluewein. On both of them you can warm you hands by strolling thru the Weinmachtsmarkt, Charismas Market.

We also sing the Christmas Carrols, what our countries exchanged already centuries ago. Holyday season is here a and I miss my Edigna , who still live in California. But the smell of Christmas tree, gluewine a vanilla crescents will bring her to my house…

Vera Sourada

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