Appeal for united proceedings of the EU Countries

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The Democratic Club Standpoint No. 57


Appeal for united proceedings of the EU Countries


These days, most of the Czech and foreign media announced that, the Czech delegation to the EU Summit, led by Prime Minister Sobotka, have reserved the right of exceptions from asserting the sanctions against Russia, as accepted by the Summit.


The Democratic Club consider the current Russia’s actions on Ukraine to be just aggression, constituting, taking into question the lasting occupation of the territory of Georgia, a part of a broader plan, representing a menace to democracy and sovereignty throughout Europe. Therefore they suppose, this aggressiveness has to be confronted by united proceedings of the EU, the NATO and the remaining democratic Countries. Considering the current situation that requires fast actions and unity of all the EU and NATO States, we do not consider the Prime Minister’s approach acceptable. The Czech Republic is being represented in both of the Organisations´ headships and we demand therefore of the Government to keep respecting the need of unity.


The Prime Minister’s acting may, as to our opinion, arouse the question whether the longed-for retreat from the anti-Union policies of the former Czech Governments does not appear at a declaratory level only, and at the level of symbols. Only an actual relationship to the EU and the NATO can give the Czech Republic the guaranty of permanence of the State and its democratic system.


Prague, September 8, 2014.


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