Bohemians Garnets from Asia and Africa?

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The “real” Czech Garnets (Bohemian Garnet in English or Bohmisches Granat in German) are found ONLY in the Czech Republic. Their mineralogical name is PYROP. Buyer, beware! There are many kinds and colors of the various garnets which come from other lands, for example almandins or rhodolits, that may come from Asia or Africa. Only the Czech firm GRANAT in Turnov is entitled to mine the Czech garnets. In their finished state they are never larger than 3.5 millimeters. They are of a dark-red color, resistant to heat and acids. If you buy garnet jewelry, insist that your receipt contains the words “Cesky granat”, which is a protected brand name. Also make sure that your jewelry does not contain any markings or initials of another manufacturer. Genuine Czech garnets are not exported and they are set by certified Czech jewelers only.


Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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