Giving and receiving gifts

12 2013 Ostatní česky

December 2013

Why do we really celebrate Christmas? I think we forgot the reason in all this getting gifts for everybody. We should remember the birth of Jesus Christ and his teachings. Especially the admonition: “ Love Thy neighbor as Thyself “

. Let us think a bit about that. It does not say: ”Let’s all rush to the shopping mall and buy a lot of meaningless junk to give something to everyone on your list including yourself. Neither does it say that we should love our neighbor only and forget ourselves.

If I am to love someone, I try to understand what would make him happy and make his life easier. It does not have to cost a lot of money. It can be just a kind word, a service, a remembrance. You do not have to give things-junk- all of us already have enough of those and they only complicate our lives. Offer a ride to someone who has trouble walking. Take him to the doctor or to do some shopping. Offer help to a mother with several children- help her with cleaning up, or offer her some baby sitting. Invite someone who is alone for lunch or dinner, help someone to fill out a complicated form, etc. There are endless possibilities.

Do not forget about yourself, either. Give yourself a little luxury, e.g. send your whole family to grandmother’s or to some theme park while you take a lovely hot bath, a nap, or buy yourself some perfume, or a nice blouse.

We can love our neighbor anytime-we do not need to wait until December 25. The rule is valid for all of us, all year round. If you will follow it there won’t be so much stress on you during December.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who received a gift, you have only one possibility: You shall thank the giver politely, and RIGHT away, not a month or a year later. Your friend spent time, possibly also money and energy on your behalf. He deserves recognition, even if you do not like the gift. Be grateful that someone thought about you, that you have friends. And teach your children that the giver is entitled to a thank you and appreciation.

You can start giving right

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