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About fifteen years ago a good looking young lady came to the editorial office of the Czech Dialogue. She put some money on the desk and said: Thank you for the work that you do for us who live so far away from our original home. Recently I had the opportunity to visit this lady who is now almost ninety years old ( we corresponded in the meantime) visit recently on California. She gave me more money and said that she always had a desire to do the work that I had been doing, but because of family, children, employment and other happenings that life brings, she did not.( If you will read our webpage in the future, you will find out more about all sorts of writings that this lady did- about Australia where she moved with her husband and where life was not easy, and about much more.

Georgina Teyrovsky—that is her name abroad, otherwise we call her Jirinka- told me recently that she wanted to leave this earthly existence. Since her husband passed on she does not seem to find anything on this earth very interesting.( Her husband used to be called “Edousek” by his local countrymen. And she showed me a book tha she is working on right now and we decided that she should finish it.

Shortly after I left her she had to go to the hospital with pneumonia. It appeared that she wanted to be sick. But after a while she was sent home and is working on her book. Keep your fingers crossed, she has lots to say and write, our Georgina.

Here is her impression after visiting Prague. Look forward to her narration how they escaped the country in 1948. It is worth reading.

ES, translated by Marie Dolansky

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