The Czech and Slovak “Cottage” in San Diego

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Some time again I heard some disappointing news from San Diego- namely that the little Czech and Slovak cottage is not being used for its original purpose and that even speaking Czech and Slovak is not being encouraged- even among its members. And that it is being administered by older folks who do not seem to understand the changes that have taken place…

But today I received very pleasant news. A group of young ladies took over and they are very successful. People came to visit the cottage from afar (as it often is the case in the USA) and they enjoyed meeting each other.  They organized  a lecture by Katka Dehningova and prepared tasteful refreshments also.  Katka writes travelogues and they are very successful. Her first book is sold out and she is writing another one…

In addition even children were present and they had a good time.  If such activities will continue we do not have to worry about our children losing their Czech or Slovak identity..


Here are some other responses:

MARTINA NEMECEK wrote :  I am sending some pictures from our Sunday meeting about the book ”Proti proudu zemekoule”. I wish to thank all who came and who contributed to a successful meeting- by their presence, by a smile, by some goodies or by their own travel story.  Katerina Dehning-ova is a pleasant, interesting and “ young” writer and I wish to thank her again for giving up her time to visit us in San Diego and for presenting us with such a nice talk. I wish her many lovely trips in the future and I hope she will write a lot more books. I also like to thank Marketa and her family and to Olinka. I also like to thank  the board of the House of Czech and Slovak Republics for lending us the cottage. We enjoyed the afternoon very much.

by Marketa Hancova:

What a day! Our family with a friend Olga were hosting an open house of the Czech and Slovaks in Balboa Park. The minute we opened, the house bursts into a happy place with colorful costumes, tasty homemade treats, nice music, chatter and laughs and curious questions of happy tourists or locals on a stroll through the park, the beauty of our smallest hostesses (Adelka did not leave the counter from noon to 4 PM and was the proudest hostess of her parents' country with an answer to each question), and of course, many of our wonderful friends helped to the happiness-filled afternoon. And we lived up the day! First - lots of baking at home (done with love), then our dance group rehearsed in the park to the (as it seems) enjoyment of many passer-byes, and as a nice ending we hosted in our cottage a Czech published author Katerina Dehning who had a talk about "what it takes to be a writer" and "how it feels to travel" as her book is about traveling. Forty of us filled the small cottage and listen to the stories and enjoyed wonderful food that prepared Martina Němeček who came up with the idea of bringing the author,, who was wonderful! We simply enjoyed one beautiful day full of nice surprises and fun fun fun moments! with Hanka Morrison, Lenka Majek, Marie Kothera, Beata CZ, Pavel Chvistek, Katerina Chvistek, Michaela Zahradnik

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