Maestro Oton Kovarik (1928-2010)

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I met Oton and Dasa Kovarik in January of 2002 when I started my work at the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles. I knew that he was a legendary and outstanding artist, an author of radio and television plays and a popular narrator. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to meet such a kind, lovely and educated man. His wife –an actress- was equally pleasant and loveable. Those two were meant for each other. They proved that real Love actually exists -they lived it every day of their lives. Right away they became my second ”family” and an example of wisdom, courage, stability and patriotism.

Oton never betrayed any of his ideals, he always loved his Czech fatherland and he was grateful for his second American homeland that welcomed him. All his artwork reflects impressions from Prague, New York or Los Angeles. He could recite at length works of Czech and Slovak poets.

We spent five wonderful years together in Los Angeles attending various cultural and social activities, many of which were arranged for him- exhibitions of his works, evenings of recitations and gatherings to honor him. All of it is unforgettable- he radiated peace, optimism and love.

He and his wife came to California in 1966. Oton was awarded the Masaryk Academy in Prague prize in 1977 and received a commemorative medal in 2003 by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affaires. The Czech Astronomical Society named the planet #33058 after him.


Gita Fuchsova,

former consul of the Czech Republic, Los Angeles\


Abbreviated by Marie Dolanska


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