Oasis of the Czech Language in Dobruska

Martina Fialková 8 2012 Naši ve světě English

The small East-Bohemian town of Dobruska is connected to a well-known

personality of the times of Czech national revival - to F. L. Vek. It might have been the reason why Charles University established here its branch to teach the Czech language to foreign students who either have Czech roots or who are simply interested in learning Czech. The one-month course is quite intensive and includes also topics about Czech literature and some travel.


Members of the Czech Dialogue Editorial Staff had visited this facility several times and informed its readership about it. Students come literally from all over the world, from all the continents. Some are beginners, some speak the language quite well and are here to improve their skills. The purpose of my recent visit was to introduce the students to our journal Czech Dialogue and to its projects-especially to the documentary films called “Czech Roots”. Examples of each were shown. My presentation also included personal experiences with Czechs who live abroad and my admiration for those who study our language because of our rich culture. The motivation and diligence of all participants was inspiring. The students were very interested in our journal and gladly accepted copies which I offered. I will have great memories of my visit of Dobruska.


Abbreviated by Marie Dolanska



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