At the Marcan´s

-ES- 5 2012 Ostatní English

Cembalo music with singing and dancing, a film about old Prague, Moravian “halusky”, a roast with creamed potatoes and other side dishes, pancakes, coffee and plenty of Moravian wine - as much as anyone can drink. The bandleader, cembalo player, singer and “fujara” player Zorka knows how to welcome guests probably in all the languages of the world including possibly even Chinese and Vietnamese. Another singer walks around among the guests and sings while encouraging everyone to join in, and dancers who demonstrate examples of Czech and Moravian folk dances. We all had a chance to sing along those beautiful and melodic Moravian songs. It was joyful and lovely.

We will soon bring you a longer interview with Zorka! Look forward to it, it will be very interesting.

It is only March, but – if you are planning to visit Prague - either right now or at the beginning of July to attend the Sokol slet or the SVU conference in Zilina -and if you will have time to stop in Prague - make sure that you do not miss this experience.

The restaurant U Marcanu is at the Veleslavin in Prague and Mr. Jiri Unger will be happy to drive you there and tell you lots of interesting details (see his website).

Translated by M. Dolanska

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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