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The book was published by Akropolis tells the story of Amelie Posse-Brazdova (1884-1957). Its author is Eva Stromberg Krantz and it was translated into Czech by Miloslava Slavickova.

Amelie Posse-Brazdova came from a rather rich aristocratic Swedish family and met her future husband, a Czech artist Otakar Brazda. in Rome. In Italy she also met several Czech exiles like E. Benes, M.R. Stefanik and T.G. Masaryk and got interested in the Czech and Slovak struggle for freedom and independence. After WWI the Brazdas settled in Czechoslovakia and lived in Lickov. Amelia devoted herself to writing. Some of her books were translated into Czech.

After the Munich agreement in 1938 Lickov became part of Nazi Germany. Amelie moved to Prague where she volunteered to help the refugees from the Sudetenland. However soon she had to leave the Czech lands and return to Sweden. There she helped again Czech and Slovak refugees who decided to leave their homeland.

After WWII ended, Amelie considered returning to Czechoslovakia, but she was not satisfied with the developments and conditions there. She went to visit the country several times. Her visit after 1948 was very short and disappointing. She had to leave in a hurry because the communist government found her very dangerous. They even had her followed in Sweden by a Czech spy. Yet she came to visit later after being urged to do so by the exiles Eduard Taborsky and others who were interested in objective news from their former homeland.

She wrote several letters to Mr. Taborsky which were later published under the title “Secret Letters from Prague”(1994). In all she wrote eleven books dealing with Czech affaires. Her life was very dramatic. She witnessed many important historical happenings and met many outstanding people.

Miloslava Slavickova
Abbreviated by M. Dolanska

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