The Embarrassed and Shy Honoree Vaclav Havel

ZIMA 2011 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

About 600 people from all over the world came to celebrate Mr. Havel‘s 75-th birthday, including Madeleine Allbright, Adam Michnik, Miroslav Zikmund, Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and others. People came dressed in everyday clothes because no formal attire was required. Mr. Havel was the same as always: polite, grateful for expressions of friendship, fragile and tired... He did not dance, but thoroughly enjoyed the music and singing which lasted more than three hours. Jaroslav Hutka and Ondrej Havelka performed some popular songs. Mr. Havel received many presents. Madeleine Allbright gave him an ancient American compass – perhaps to help him find the way out of all the world problems? It was a memorable evening.

Venda Sebrlova
Abstract by M. Dolanska

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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