PODZIM 2011 Kultura English
obálka čísla

At the beginning of August the Czech Republic was visited by the American astronaut Mr. Fuestel who arrived with his wife Indira and their two sons. Indira has a Czech mother and an Indian father. Our media wrote a great deal about the whole family. They were greeted everywhere with enthusiasm. I don’t know whether the news articles also stressed the fact that behind every successful man there is usually a woman who has helped him by her support and sacrifice. Here I would like to mention another woman - namely Emilie Milerova, who stood by her husband, the famous author of The Little Mole – Zdenek Miler.

Emilie started her artistic career around age 60 when her children were all grown up. She exhibits her work often. Her next exhibition will take place around Christmas in Pardubice.

The visit with the Fuestel family was a great experience for the Milers. They found that both the Fuestels are very well educated and pleasant people. Mr. Fuestel and the captain of the spaceship took excellent care of the stuffed little mole when they took him along into space.

In conclusion I would like to mention that I have known Emilie Milerova for some time- we met near Slapy in a community called Chotilsko where a Cultural Center was recently opened. Emilie was asked to create some artwork for the Center’s opening. Another exhibition of her work will be held here very soon.

Eva Strizovska
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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