Olga Szymanska: ENGRAVINGS (“RYTINY”)

PODZIM 2011 Kultura English
obálka čísla

is her fourth book of poetry. With the subtitle ‘Kriz Pramene a Kamene Bezkyd”, the book is being published in 2011 to commemorate the 430th anniversary of the founding of CELADNA and nearby KUNCICE p. Ondrejnikem – communities in the BESKYDY Mountains in Moravia.

Even though the author was born in Nachod (1955), she spent most of her young years with her grandparents in these Moravian mountains. Here she learned to admire and respect nature, her ancestors’ traditions and life style. She returns every year to this region which she considers her second home.

Her artistic training enabled her to observe more thoroughly the colors, shapes, texture and special features of this country side and her poetry describes all simply an accurately.

The poetry is complemented by many of her own photographs that show her deep interest in her ancestry and past history.

S. Liska
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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