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obálka čísla

This is one of the oldest and most important Prague churches consecrated to St. Jacob, brother of the apostle John. It was built in 1232 but rebuilt and renovated several times after numerous fires. It has a beautiful Gothic dome, Baroque décor and is especially known for its unusually large organ.

After a fire in 1689, which ruined the original organ, the church received a new unique instrument with 26 registers built by Abraham Stark. Since then the organ had to be renovated many times in order to increase its range. By 1941 it had three manuals with 75 registers.

The last renovation took place in the 1980”s. Now the organ has four manuals, 91 registers and 8277 pipes and it can be used to play all sorts of music including Baroque compositions. The organ and the acoustics of the church are so unique that the international organ festival is held here every year.

There are many legends about this church. There is for example a small black hand hanging on a chain. The legend has it that it belonged to a thief who tried to steal some ducats from a little statue of St. Mary. His hand was caught in the act and later cut off as punishment for his crime and hung in the church to discourage further thefts.

St. Jacob’s church had been used for many years at important occasions and celebrations. The most valuable art work is the painting over the main altar- The Martyrdom of St. Jacob by Vavrinec Reiner.

Martina Fialkova
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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