PODZIM 2011 Kultura English
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Milan Knobloch (*1921) is a sculptor, painter and medalist and belongs to the most outstanding students of Otakar Spaniel’s school. He studied with him in the years 1947-53. It is hard to believe that this year he will be 90 years old. He is still very active and energetic. He loves his work, especially designing and creating medals for famous and deserving individuals. For example, he is the author of a Shakespeare medal donated to the museum in Stratford, or of the Nicholas Kopernik medal created in 1973 for which he received a prize from the Polish government. He also created many post-mortem masques- for example that of Bohuslav Martinu and other well-known persons. In 1990 he built a large statue of Martinu which stands in Policka, the composer’s birthplace. He is an admirer of other famous people- Mozart, Mahler and the poet Karel H. Macha. In cooperation with the archeologist Emanuel Vlcek he attempted to recreate the poet’s face from a post-mortem mask of his skull.

Recently he created a special medal for Pope Benedict XVI with a Cyril-Method Theme. It was really a great privilege to meet this gifted artist in his studio and to observe his work.

Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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