JAN KRUTA – Interview

PODZIM 2011 Rozhovory English
obálka čísla

Jan Kruta spent all his life working with letters and the Czech language. He wrote many articles, scripts, texts for songs, poetry and similar shorter works. For many years he was employed in the editing office of the journal Mlady svet ( Young World) where he worked with many talented and smart young people who were able to – even in the 70th and 80th of the last century- write relatively freely about many subjects. His co-workers there were e.g. dr. Josef Peterka and later Petr Bilek.

Mr. Kruta feels that a writer has great responsibility for his work and that is why he often publishes his own books because he believes that the quality of books published lately in the Czech Republic has worsened. Also there is less interest in novels and collections of poetry among the readers.

He loves to travel. Before 1989 it was possible to travel only Eastward, whereas now it is possible to visit any place on the globe.

Where would he like to go? He feels that every spot is interesting, and would like to just wander with a back pack because “behind every mountain there is an unknown country”.

A true wanderer is a person who tramps around to understand himself better. Recently he visited his son in Oregon and enjoyed the experience very much.

Some day he would like to write a longer novel and publish some of his so far unpublished writings.

Vladimir Stibor
Abbreviated by Marie Dolanska

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