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The Czech Centers around the world held their 3rd International Meeting of Czech Schools Without Borders on Aug. 1. and 2. 2011. at the Czech Center, Praha, Rytirska 31.Representatives of the Czech Department of Foreign Affaires and of the Czech Department of Education were also present.

The purpose of Czech Schools Without Borders (CSBH) is to teach the Czech language to children (1.5 years to 15 years of age) who live outside of the Czech Republic.

The organization was founded in Paris in 2003 by dr. Lucie Slavikova-Boucher who wanted to teach Czech to her own children. The school received support from the Czech Center in Paris.The idea took hold and today those schools do not only teach Czech, but also Czech literature, geography and history.

At the present time such schools can be found in London, Berlin, Zurich, Munich, Geneva, Dresden or Sydney. It is planned to open Czech schools also in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Rome, Naples, Lisbon, Baltimore and Manchester, U.K. Also the United States expressed much interest in these educational institutions.

For more information please consult the listed websites or phone numbers.

Translated by M. D.

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