Visit Tetin - A romantic Spot Near Prague

3-4 2010 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

If you want to get away from the big city and enjoy the country, visit Tetin, an old castle overlooking the river Berounka. A short train ride will take you to Beroun and from there you can take a nice walk (about 2 km) to Tetin. According to legend, Tetin was the residence of Teta, one of the three daughters of the ruler Krok.

There is more history - the first Christian Czech countess Ludmila was killed here. The town itself is very small, but has several interesting churches.

If you are lucky, you may meet dr. Jana Brajerova who may give you a guided tour. She was born here, and visits the community very often. She founded the local museum and wrote several books about Tetin. In her bulletin you may find out about various upcoming concerts that will take place in this romantic hideaway.

Eva Strizovska
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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