World's Oldest Car - A historic car order

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It happened 120 years ago in a little town in Moravia called Adamov which lies north of Brno on the main railway line between Brno and Ceska Trebova. Adamov was known for its smelting plants and machine works that were built here by the company Marky, Bromovsky + Schulz of Mlada Boleslav in 1873. This company was very successful because it employed the best engineers available at the time. One of them was e.g. Ing. Zdenek Elger who later became Professor at the Technical University in Brno.

In 1889 the machine works in Adamov received an order to manufacture a car for the Viennese successful engineer and inventor Siegfried Samuel Marcus (1831-1898). The firm started to build the car immediately and finished the product in less than a year. The so-called Marcus Car was very unusual and special. It was made mostly of wood except for its one metal cylinder and some rubber blocks. It had only one horse power and its maximum speed was 6-8 km/hr.

The Marcus car is permanently exhibited at the Technical Museum in Vienna since 1915 and is considered the oldest car. It still works. Its replica was produced by the firm ADAST in Adamov and was exhibited at the Technical Museum in Brno in 2008.

Abstract by
Marie Dolanska

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