Gustav Fristensky (1879–1957)

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Gustav Fristensky was a very famous Czech Greco-Roman wrestler who achieved international fame. His professional career started in 1903 when he won a very important international competition in Rotterdam. He was an all-around athlete who competed also in weight lifting, discus throwing, track, bicycling and swimming.

In 1913 he and his wife moved to America and even here he kept on winning most fights in New York, Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago,Saint Louis and Montreal.

All in all he took part in some 8 thousand fights and his career spanned 36 years! In 1929 he again won over many of his opponents in a European competition. He was then already 50 years old. He officially ended his career at age 60.

He led a very healthy life – he did not smoke or drink and followed a healthy diet. Always proud of his Czech heritage he insisted on a correct spelling of his name with all the diacritic marks. He liked to spend his free time in Litovel with his long-time friends, including the poet Petr Bezruc.

His great-cousin Frank Fristensky lives in Durango, Colorado and would like to hear from any reader of the Czech Dialogue who could relate some story about Gustav Fristensky.

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