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1-2 2010 Ostatní česky
obálka čísla

BATA SHOES are known all over the world. The founder of this company and Czech philanthropist Thomas Bata(1876- 1932) was known and admired by his employees everywhere for his fairness, business skill and wisdom. This is what he wrote and practiced in his life:

"What we like to call 'economic crisis' is just another name for moral decline. Moral lapse is the cause, economic crisis is the result. There are many people in our country who think that economic problems or recession can be solved by money. I am horrified contemplating the results of such thinking.

We need to acquire an ethical attitude toward human beings, toward work and toward public property. Do not support those that went bankrupt, do not go into debt, do not throw away your values for nothing, do not extort your workers; engage in those things that helped us to overcome the aftereffects of war, work hard, save money and make work and savings more profitable, more desirable and more honorable than laziness and waste.

You are right- we need to overcome the lack of trust. Trust is a very personal matter and it can only be regained by an ethical perspective and by personal example.

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