Sona Cervena

11-12 2008 Kultura English
obálka čísla

SONA CERVENA, well-known mezzosoprano, started her career in the "Liberated Theater" (Osvobozene divadlo) of Voskovec and Werich. During the communist era she emigrated to Germany where she made her home until 1989. She sang in many opera houses including Berlin, Frankfurt, Beyreuth, Geneva, San Francisco, Chicago, etc.

She is a great admirer of the music of Bohuslav Martinu and Leos Janacek. She loved to perform in Janacek's operas and always insisted on singing in the Czech language. She also insisted that other singers to do the same since Janacek's music requires it. Ms Cervena often lectures on Czech music and translates operatic librettos into other languages, especially into German. At the present time she performs in the new opera called" Tomorrow it will…" ("Zitra se bude…") by Ales Brezina and Jiri Nekvasil which deals with the life and death of Milada Horakova.

Martina Fialkova
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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