Sweet Smell of Memories and a Tripe Soup

11-12 2007 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

Do you think that the Czech cuisine is the best of all? Read how the author, a former worker for a refugee resettlement agency in San Francisco, found out that this is exactly what everybody thinks about his or her national cuisine.

The Czech dumplings had to compete with the savory tastes of Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, or Laotian food, as well as with the Russian, Ethiopian, or Bosnian meals and many more. Good food met bad in the small stories of that international environment.

Every year, the author brought a strudel to the Thanksgiving party organized for the refugees. While many of us think strudel is only a Czech dessert, it is actually claimed by many other nationalities as their own specialty.

There is some history of the Czech cuisine as it has developed after the Thirty Years War as a food of poor peasants. And, of course, a touch of the Czech plates as we know them now. Read the author’s confession of her love for something as simple as a tripe soup, and compliments to all Czech desserts, cookies, and cakes, ending with one almost patriotic reminder: While baking that famous strudel this Christmas, do not hesitate to sprinkle some slivovitz. It’s good and doesn’t it make the strudel Czech?

Zelmira Zivna

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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