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Dear Friends and Readers of the Czech Dialo

Since September I walk to our new office located in the ancient and beautiful building of Klementinum. I feel so happy and grateful walking through the quaint streets of the Old Town and I admire the work of all those builders and owners of such old and charming houses who paid attention to style and beauty of their homes. How different it is today when houses are built cheaply and often for profit only! There are so many historic sights along the way and so I decided to ask our historian Dr. JanaVolfova, to tell us something about a few of them and she obliged..

Eva Strizovska

The Square Of The Republic (Náměsti Republiky)

It used to be called “Hybernske”, and later “Josefske” because of the monastery and church of St. Joseph built there in the 17th century. There is a small courtyard in front of the church with a statue of St. Jude Thadeus. It is always decorated with flowers and candles and there are often people standing around in prayer or in deep thought. It is believed that the saint will intercede with God to help answering wishes and desirers. There are also two beautiful buildings in the Secession style – the Municipal House and the Hotel Pariz.

The Palladium

was built on the ruins of old military barracks. Only some parts of the original walls were left standing and a memorial plaque reminding us that J. K. Tyl wrote here the words to our national anthem “Where is my home?”. Behind the walls we find a multi-level shopping center and many restaurantsa monument to commercialism of the 21st century proudly named “Palladium”.

More on the history of the Palladium and the Square of the Republic will be included in the first 2008 issue of the Czech Dialogue.

My best wishes for 2008 to all good people in the world.

Jana Volfova
Translated by Marie Dolanska
(To be continued)

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