Photographs of Jindrich Streit

11-12 2007 Kultura English
obálka čísla

The world´s famous photographer Jindrich Streit (was born 1946) was the Czech artist who had been persecuted on account of his documentary work. Between the years 1978 – 1991 he managed to capture the village of socialism time and moreover to present the typlical fate of its people. He showed to the world the Czech Village: contrary to the idyllic pictures of the country, he shows the village with collective farming during the time of “normalization”. His pictures show the former Sudeteland, where after the World War II the original population was replaced by settlers from various parts of the republic with severed relationships to traditions and without any deeper relationship toward their new home. The theme of Streit´s pictures that´s really his very own, are human relationship and the intimacies of everyday life, often absurd, or even picturesque.

1.Lifelong photographic work of Jindrich Streit – is on exposition at the Dum U Kamenneho Zvonu in Prague until February 3rd, 2008. A prestigeous monography accompanies the exposition.

Translated by Marie Dolanska

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