Editor’s Word - Liars and Thieves

11-12 2007 Slovo redakce English
obálka čísla

Dear English Readers!

What an ugly title for today’s Word of the Editor! Our only (?) 18- year -old Democracy is actually still too young, inexperienced and immature. The Courts and administration are not working properly and what’s worst is that the government is composed of ambitious individuals whose main concern is money, power, and popularity. They wish mainly to be admired by naive young blondes.

That is not exactly an ideal situation for us, citizens. Our representatives have no firm principles. They say something one day, and the next day on the contrary: whatever is handy at the moment, whatever pops into their mind.

We talk of the “Old Structures”, those are people warped by Communism. So what’s happening to the young generation? Where can they find models with principles, to follow? There aren’t any!

However, since Christmas is coming and I don’t want to spoil your illusions, let’s take a look at the positive moments. Even though our president some time ago declaimed non-profit organizations, they are here, and they work.

For example, the organization “Člověk v tísni”, which helps the needy in different parts of the world. Presently, it has arranged an exhibition on Wenceslas Square called “Incidents of Injustice”. It shows what a man is capable of doing in the worst possible sense and on the contrary, what a man is able to bear. It deals with Communist concentration camps where were imprisoned and tortured people of different political convictions that the Communists did not allow.

Not only did they organize the exhibition, but they also prepared a program for schools. That is really great because young people know nothing of the horrors of that time.

Finally justice was done when 57 years later a woman was convicted, a woman who sank so low, as to send to the gallows the innocent Milada Horákova. It’s good news even though the old woman will not go into prison. Could it be that after 18 years of so-called Democracy things have begun to stir? Let’s try to believe it!

Wishing you Peace and Love at Christmas and in the New Year!

Eva Střížovská
Translated by Paula Schultz

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