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An expatriate organization preserving and promoting the Czech cultural heritage.

The Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center was officially opened in March 1997. It is the result of several years efforts by Texans of Czech ancestry striving to established a multi-purpose facility including a library, archives and museum of the Czech community in Texas. The TCHCC embodies nine Czech organizations active in Texas.

The mission of the TCHCC is to preserve and promote the history, language, culture and heritage of Texans of Czech origin. It raises public awareness, provides, information, on the past and present contributions of the Czech community in Texas, and courages the study of the Czech language and art. The TCHCC preserves, restores and exhibits artefacts of historical importance for the Czech community in Texas. It manages the community ´s historically valuable collections (books, newspapers, family records, photographs, etc.), provides premises for gatherings meetings, educational programmes and activities for the benefit of the Czech community of Texas. It organizes cultural events, mainly concerts of Czech music.


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