The American Center In Pilsen

5-6 2007 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

It is located on Dominikanska ulice near the Namesti Republiky. Here you can get tasty refreshments - coffee with applestrudel, or a ginger lemonade. At the present time you may view interesting photographs by Pavel Janca - called Water (Voda) - pictures of water in many forms and places. There is also a restaurant here where you may sample American food and conduct various business meetings. You can take care of your mail here, use a fax machine, a computer and obtain various services in Czech and English. You can rent a conference room with a projector and air-conditioning. You may obtain information about common projects being conducted between Pilsen and Birmingham, Alabama. You can view movies in English here, or attend lectures about the USA concerning social life, history or culture. You may attend English conversation lessons or take a course in English. You may also visit the library which has many books, journals and newspapers available. Further details can be found on: >

Recently there was a discussion here about establishing an American radar base in the Czech Republic with speakers Jiri Freml, Lubor Koudelka (from the Dept. of Defense) and Victoria Silverman (from the USA) While further discussion are taking place, you may obtain here further detailed information about the projected radar base. You may also click on:

More on this subject can be found in the Army Bulletin (armadni bulletin) which is also available here.

Dr. Ludmila Maskova
Translation by Marie Dolanska

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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