Wallachian Museum In Ro?nov

5-6 2007 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

The Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Roznov pod Radhostem was celebrating their 80th year anniversary 1925 – 2005. The Museum complex is a National Monument of Cultural Heritage and is the oldest open-air museum in central Europe, with its first visitors crossing its threshold in 1925. On June 20, 2005 Cathleen and Kenneth Noska of Fayetteville, Texas visited the Museum and Cathleen was reunited with an old friend, Jana Dohnalova, who works under Director Koukal at the Museum. After twelve years of keeping in touch, Cathleen and Jana were reunited and visited and talked about Jana’s trip to Texas in 1992 and Cathleen’s trip to Roznov in 1993. They met in Director Koukal’s office and were later joined by Koukal. Also present were Kenneth, and Zdenek, Iva, and Tomas Hubacek of Ostopovice. The guests were served fresh fruit, coffee and soft drinks. Conversation centered on the upcoming Texas Days to be held the following week during the Roznov International Festival. The Texans were presented with a Museum gift bag of baked goods, wooden trinkets, brochures and a special 80th anniversary book done by the Museum. Upon leaving the visit, the Texans wished Director Koukal a successful festival and much good look in the future.

The group was then given a VIP tour of three parts of the Museum, including the Little Wooden Town, the Water Mill Valley and Pustevny mountain. Jana had arranged for a very good English-speaking tour guide because she felt her English was not as good. Jana spoke in Czech to the Hubaceks during the tour. In the Little Wooden Town there was one artisan on site, a wood and stone craftsman who demonstrated his work and presented small gifts to the Texans. In the Water Mill Valley there was a very good English-speaking young gentleman to guide us and there were several experts on hand to demonstrate their skills, such as grinding flour and sawing logs through the use of water power.

Jana took Cathleen in her car to the top of Pustevny mountain, and was followed by the other four in the Hubacek’s car. The three buildings that now belong to the Wallachian Open- Air Museum, Mamenka, Libusin, and Pustevenka are located at the top of the mountain and have become a popular snow skiing attraction. The manager gave the group a tour of Pustevenka and explained that it is rented out as a tourist resort. Slovakia can be seen from the top balcony of this building.

The group was then taken to the restaurant called Libusin for the finest Czech cuisine and Jana told Cathleen that her meal would be taken care of by the Museum. The waitresses were quaintly dressed in a short-skirt version of the Wallach folk costume, complete with white blouse and maroon vest. Traditional Czech beer was enjoyed by all as they listened to authentic Wallachian dulcimer music and gazed at the amazing woodworked interior of the restaurant.

After viewing the ski lift located near the buildings, we drove back down the mountain. Jana and her husband, Jaroslav, then treated the Texans to a visit to their home and had a late svacina of coffee and a strawberry cake made by Jana. Then it was time for good-byes, with Jana and Cathleen promising to keep in touch and hoping it would not be another twelve years until seeing each other again.

Cathleen Noska

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