Václav Hollar

3-4 2007 Dějiny English
obálka čísla

Born 7/13/1607 in Prague, died on 3/25/1677 in London

This year will mark the 400-th anniversary of his birth. This remarkable and interesting artist spent most of his life outside of his country of birth, yet he always proudly added to his signature the word Bohemus- Czech. The anniversary of his birth was included among the most important dates of UNESCO.

This Czech engraver and graphic artist produced most of his works in Frankfurt/ Main, in Strasbourg, Koln/Rhein and in Holland. Since 1636 he was employed by the Count of Arundel. With him he spent time in London ( since 1637), then in Antwerp(1644) and again in London (1652). His graphic designs depict mostly landscapes, also city drawings, maps and portraits. His maps were absolutely exact and technically perfect. His drawings of Prague scenes, pictures of many other cities, costumes and of Holland ships are also very much admired.

Jana Volfová
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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