European Islam or Islamic Europe

7-8 2006 Aktuality English
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If you are still wandering if that worst scenario of the conflict of civilizations will take place, just relax. It will not. It is behind us and Europe lost it. Now only the Islamic occupation is taking place with the help of all European political, academic and media institutions. Based on the model, which in year 1974 Algeria's President Boudmedienne explained as follows: "Soon we will expand into the Northern hemisphere. We will conquere in such a way that we will populate that territory with our women.

We will conquere it with the uteruses of our women" An Agreed Occupation An occupation is taking place based on agreements signed between chiefs of European governments and the Arab League after the end of the oil crisis in 1973 in exchange for uninterropted supply of oil and opening of Arab markets to European business and investments.

They also agreed, among others, to support Palestinians against Israel, to sponsor favorably propaganda of Islam and to open Europe to large scale immigration of Muslims practicing Islamic traditions and culture without any restrictions in a very favorable setting of "multiculturalism". Details of all these agreements were published in Switzerland by an Egyptian born Britih historian Bat Y' Or in her book "Eurabia. Parts are available on Internet.

The politicians did not consult even one single agreement with their Parliaments or even citizens. From them they ecpected unlimited tolerance, and interest of peasful Islam. Every sign of anxiety over speed of migration or related problems was labeled as rasist, xenofobic and Islamofobic. In year 2006 the Islamic occupation is in numbers still very unclear but estimates are as follows France:

officailly 10 but probably 15% of population. Holland: officially 8, non officially probably 12 percent. Germany: officially 7, non officially over 10 percent. Danmark arround 5 percent, Britain: officially 4 percent, non officially even the Secretary of Interior does not know. Italy: officially 3 percents but nonoficially probably twice as many.

The European Union as whole estimates 25 million Muslimsbut presence of not registered or illegal Muslim migrants could double this number every year by a half a million but as many as a milion of new immigrants are arriving.

The most common name of newborne baby in France, Holland and Britain is Muhamed. 40 percent of British children born in 2005 are Muslims. Average birth rate of European Muslims is 6 in comparasment with the rest of European non muslims birth rate which is 1,5.. Therefore just by birth rate the population of Europe is declining every year by several thousands and at the same time the Muslim population is increasing by several millions. The occupation of the European Union will be completed within the next ten years by arrival of 80 million Turks, and therefore the Islamic population of Europe will reach more than a half and will be claiming. European children born ten years from now would accept Islam as European selfevidence and not as something extraordinary.

Chopping off hands, death penalty for another beliefs.........

The only question which needs to be addressed is that one which was presented by the Presiding Officer of the moderate organizationn of the German Muslims Bassam Tibi:

"Would the Islam, which is destinated to take over Europe be European Islam or Saria?" How could the European Islam operate nobody knows.

Sharia is Islamic absolutism of Iranian, Afghan or Saudy style which refuses the same civil rights to nonbelievers and women, with choping off hands for steeling, execution of raped women and homosexuals, with dead penalty for transfer to another religion and with total restrictions on any and all forms of political and cultural expression which the Europeans still consider to be normal. (Not talking about pork, dumplings, sauercrout, and beer).

In words of many moderate muslims: "Either the Islam in Europe will copy European life style, or Europe will become Islamic". Don't you suddennly think that all other European problems are miniscule?

Benjamin Kuras,
ranslated by Jan Neumann

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