Year of Jewish Culture 100 Years of the Jewish Museum in Prague

7-8 2006 Kultura česky
obálka čísla

July - August - September 2006 - Some Parts of Programme


Jewish Museum in Prague

August 16 - October 1 The Old Jewish Museum in Prague

A return to the old days or how the beast did not triumph - a reconstruction of the exhibitions held by the old Jewish Museum in Prague in 1906-40.

September 14 - October 31 I have not seen a butterfly around here..., Education and Culture Centre

Photography by the Argentine photographer and artist Rosa Revsin, inspired by children's poetry from the Terezin ghetto. Held in association with the Embassy of Argentina

Brno - Cloister of the New Town Hall September 1-17 - Don't Lose Faith in Mankind... The Protectorate Through the Eyes of Jewish Children Travelling exhibition and educational project of the Education and Culture of the Jewish Museum in Prague . It contains 20 display panels featuring the stories of six children who were persecuted during the Second World War because of their race. Anne Frank - Legacy for the Present The aim of this international travelling exhibition is to encourage visitors to think about the meaning of tolerance, humans rights and democracy in the present world.

Held in association with the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam The Children's Story. Children's Drawings from the Terezin Ghetto This exhibition is divided into eight thematic units which describe the history of the Jewish population of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during the Holocaust with emphasis on life in Terezín, particularly as seen through the eyes of children. Galerie S.V.U. Mánes Diamant & Galerie Millennium July 11 - August 28 BoardingPass to Paradise. - Peretz Béda Mayer and Fritz Haendel Exhbition from Israel - the work of two artists of Jewish descent, presented for the first time in the Czech Republic.,

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