A Greeting Card from Chodsko

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The statue of the Czech writer Jindrich Simon Baar (1869-1925) This work was created in bronze by the sculptor Ladislav Saloun.

On May 25, 1933 decorated farm wagons were bringing concrete blocks for the pedestal, each marked with the donor's name. The statue was unveiled on July 5, 1933.

When it became known that the Germans will occupy Chodsko ( and the Sudetenland), the statue was taken down in

November of 1938 and stored in the yard of the Domazlice museum, because it was too tall to be put inside. Before it was removed - people came and collected bits of earth from the location where the statue had stood. On August 13, 1939, a St. Lawrence national pilgrimage was held nearby. The speaker was Msgre Bohumil Stasek of Vysehrad. He was subsequently jailed by the Germans.

On September 1940, even the empty and abandoned pedestal of the statue was completely demolished by workers from Gratz and the individual concrete blocks removed and taken to the town of Waldmunchen where they were used as a base for a local dairy. Strangely enough- only two blocks were saved - one from the nearby community of Klenci pod Cerchovem and the other from a donor from far awayan organization of Domazlice natives who settled in Chicago, USA.

The area was finally liberated by the General Patton's 3rd Army in April, 1945 and the German army pushed out. Jindrich Jindrich, the well know composer of Chodsko, took it upon himself to return the statue of J.S. Baar to its original location. The pedestal was finished in 1947 and more blocks donated, including one from the village of Lidice. The statue was brought back from the Domazlice museum on July 5, 1947 - on the holiday honoring St. Cyril and Metod, the Slavic patron saints.

From Vyhledy - near the statue - one can see many villages of Chodsko with Domazlice in the background. J. S. Baar is again happily looking at his beloved homeland.

Bohuslav Hynek Translated by Marie Dolanska

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