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Thurlow Thompson, a student at Auckland Selwyn College came to Wellington for a three day National Model United Nations from 20th to 23rd April 2001. It had been organised by the United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand. He represented Czech Republic.
Fot this occasion Marika Maher president of tze Czech and Slovak Association in Auckland made for him an outfit based on Czech national costume. He was proud to wear it. I asked him some questions.
What is your name and why did you choose to represent Czech Republic?
I am Thurlow Thompson and I am here from Auckland where I attend Selwyn College. I was reading a school magazine and I came across a article in it, talking about, if you want to represent your school and one country at the National Model United Nations in Wellington. I thought it would be interesting and educating so I talked to my Principal to get more information about it and after reading through I said I would apply and the Principal said that I would enjoy it.
So I applied, that would have been a few months ago. Then I was given more information about it and two weeks ago I received a big pack explaining what it is all about. How it works, the order in which the process is done. The way you should say things.
I was allocated Czech Republic to do research on and find out about their views and different issues.
Where did you get all this information from?
I found it mainly on the Internet on the Czech home page and in UN world book. I also got hold of some travel brochures. They have lot of information in them. I have a feeling that now I know more about Czech Republic than I know about New Zealand.
By now you probably know more about it than I do." What is on the program here today? How many countries are representedf?
We managed to get 69 students from all over New Zealand but here are 185 countries to be represented. Each of us her been assigned a different country to talk about.
Who is actually participating in this program?
Senior secondary students, sixth and seven formers.
Who will be the judge or person deciding who is the best talker?
We have chair people, students from around Wellington who know the UN Systém and how to run the event. The Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade has been working with us. There is also a man involved with UN in NZ Mr. Hayden Montgomery -- he is making sure that everything is according to rules.
Are you planing a visit to tze Czech Republic?
I would like to but first I must save some money.

Thank you for your information.

Mr. Hayden Montgomery and Thurlow Thompson
Střípky -- Čriepky, časopis Čechů, Moravanů, Slezanů a Slováků na Novém Zélandě číslo 8, srpen 2001

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