Jan Antonin Bata

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Jan Antonin Bata was the brother of Tomas Bata who was the founder of the giant capitalistic, but at the same time socialistic project in the city of Zlin, and who was killed in an airplane accident in 1932..After his death, Jan Bata took over, or rather bought the whole concern including all its branches abroad and continued developing this extraordinary business which believed not in profit for the capitalist, but rather profit for the workers. Nothing like that since Bata’s time ever existed!

When the German Fascists occupied Czechoslovakia they put him in prison. After he was set free, he left for America. However, he as not exactly welcomed there with open arms because of his ideas. The American capitalists were not enthused with the idea that they have less profit in order to better support the workers. Because of that, he moved south to Brazil. He built there several towns and gave work to thousands of people. He sent money to aid the Anti- Fascist Resistance Movement. After the war, the Communists accused him of being a traitor, stole his property, and even refused to give him a visa so he could be present at Court where he was found guilty.

Jan Antonin Bata was an extraordinary, talented and honest man. A book has been written about him that we can, in case of your interest, send to you. It’s in Czech and it’s called “Svet Porozumi”, “The World Will Understand.”

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