Karel Hašler the way you don´t know him

8 2001 Ostatní česky
obálka čísla

    On December 21. 1941 Karel Hasler an actor in National Theatre, film actor and singer, one of the most popular composers of Czech songs was killed in concentration camp in Mauthausen by the Nazist. To commemorate the 60th universary of this tragic event an idea was born to present to the public the personality of Karel Hasler in "the way you don´t know him", as a patriot, fighter against fashism and others totalitarian ideologies. Also as a satirist and cabaret entertainer, a man with a big hart.
    The evening of remembrance shall included music as well as spoken word as well as interviews with important guests on the podium such as Hasler´s son Thomas, a friend of the familly Mrs. Hilda Hojer from Zlíchov, Gustav Oplustil (producer of a number of TV programmes dealing with Karel Hasler and others.
    Two musical groups Archeus and Slapeto are going to perform. Actor and journalist Jiri Hanak and the popular singer and actress Pavlína Filipovska shal be moderators. With Ján Simkanic as director. Karel Hasler loved Prague, he was born there and worked there. He composed a large number of songs about Prague which had become ever popular hits.
    The most popular of his songs is Ta nase pisnicka ceska, is a song sung in Czech communities of all the world. I had become a kind of national anthem in time of German occupation.
    Some his songs were politically orientated, which propably resulted in his internment in a concentration camp in Mathaussen. An exhibition of Karel Hasler memorabilia shall be plresented in the entry hall...
    The high point of the evening will be a singalong in which guests can také part.
    A presentation of sponsors and program cooperators will also také place in order to thank them for their afforts. That evening shall be a prestigeous social event with interesting personalities present.
    (Organizer is International Czech Club and others.)

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