SVU World Congress - Palacky University, June 27 - July 4, 2004 - Word from SVU President

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This is the last occasion I have before the forthcoming SVU Congress to address SVU membership. This is the 22nd World Congress the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) has organized since its inception in 1958. It is being convened in cooperation with Palacky University, Lord Mayor of the City of Olomouc and C.E.O. (Hejtman) of the Olomouc Region, under the auspices of Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

Based on our periodic reports and announcements on SVU Website:  you could see that this will be a fantastic event, certainly a pivotal event of the year for anyone interested in the Czech and Slovak culture and affairs. The University Rector Prof. Jana Macakova and Dean of the Philosophical Faculty Docent Ivo Bartecek, under whose leadership and counsel the preparations have been made, have gone out of their way to make all the university resources available to us to make the Congress a success and all the visitors welcome.

The Congress, with its varied and highly interesting program, will cover just about every area of human endeavor from the arts, music, literature, history, education, law, politics, media to business, law, medicine, science, technology and much more.

Apart from various sessions, discussion panels and symposia, there are numerous exciting cultural and social activities being planned, including opera, concerts, social-get-together, banquets, guided walking tours through the historic City of Olomouc, bus excursions through the beautiful Moravian landscape (with castles, wine cellars, scrumptious food and lots of fun).

We have many members of Moravian ancestry. They ought to take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the land of their ancestors. It is unlikely that there would be comparable occasion in the future where you would learn and see so much about Moravia and its rich history and culture. After all, this is the land which produced John Amos Comenius (Komensky), Sigmund Freud, Johann Mendel, Edmund Husserl, Thomas G. Masaryk, Leos Janacek and Kurt Godel – the personalities who shook and shaped the world.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity. You will enjoy it, make contacts and learn a lot too. This will be a great opportunity to meet all sorts of interesting personalities, dignitaries, government representatives etc.

I urge everyone who has not as yet made up his or her mind to come to Olomouc and enjoy the meetings and all the fun. You won’t be sorry.

Mila Rechcigl, SVU President

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