Legionaries, T.G.M Legionaries, T.G.M and other thought

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Czechoslovak legionaries played very important role at the end of the second world war in Russia. They were fighting in 1918 around Bajkal lake and transsibirian road against multiple superior forces of bolsheviks. They all were brave and heroic and certainly contributed very much to the foundation of Czechoslovak Republic.

The heroism of czechoslovak legionaries was inspired by the spirit of Thomas Garigue Masaryk,priest Jan Hus, leader Jan Zizka and czech writers and composers. The modern history of Czechoslovak Republic was frequently negatively influenced by czech and soviet communists leaders. It was great mistake that after 1989, czech communists party was not forbidden.

Jaroslav S. Kubicek, Leader of Czech and Slovak Cultural Union,
San Diego, California.

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