Association of the Friends of Bohemia

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The Association was set up in 1993. It fully substitutes the activities of a Czech compatriot society in Hungary (where no Czech ethnic minority officially eXists). The Association is based in Budapest. The president and managing officers of the Association are Hungarian nationals and Czechs living in the Republic of Hungary. The Association also has members in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United States.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Budapest is in per manent contact with the Association and participates in its cultural and other activities dedicated to the promotion of the Czech Republic in Fiungary.

Those activities include regular theme trips to the Czech Republic, publication of the maga zine Bohemia (a double issue twice a year), publication of books by Czech authors, textbooks and books with Czech topics, and the organization of aii annua! Czech Bali in Bu dapest.

The president of the Association, Ottó Zachár, is the author of photographs of the Czech landscape and cultural heritage which have been exhibited in the Czech Center in Budapest and in Debrecen, Košice and Komárno.

2003 is the tenth year of the Association`s existence.

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