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Between Women and Men
European Trend
was the topic of interesting conference held on Thursday 20 March 2003 in Prague.

Czech Republic belongs to European contries with a long tradition of women´s movement and women´s participation in the life of the society. Many women´s organisations were very active int he 19th and 20th century (until 1948) and their activities were supported by many of famous personalities (e. g. by the first Czechoslovakian president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk).

After 1948, when communist took the power, all women´s organisations were dissolved and only one official body called the "Union of Women" was created, which was closely connected to the Communist party. The state propaganda supported the image of employed workingwomen in all kinds of job including those, which were before considered as purely male and in the communist Parliament was a legally imposed quota requiring that thirty percent of parliamentary seats went to women.

After 1989, these of working woman as well as the quotas have been cosidered communist ideas. It was assumed, thet in the new free market society most of the woman, when fgiving the possibility to decide freely, would become housewives. At the same time, during almost the whole 1990s, idea of women´s movement was considered communist. The situation has been slightly changing since the end of 90ies with a better understanding of the importance of women´s issues generally. However, it is still quite difficult to find abroad support for any issues such as positive measures for women in the society...

There were many interesting speakers at that conference which was supported by KGL. Norway Embassy Prague.


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