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YOU SEE, DEAR READERS, we have here another poll. (Do not forget, that the previous one ,About the outstanding Czechs" is still going on.)

Please, write to us your opinion and experiences of the Czech language in the world. How is it in your family or in families of your friends and acquaintances. Write down as well whom do you consider as the most outstanding Czech personalities from the past as well as in the present time and which Czech personalities or celebrities are generally well known in a country you live in.

We are looking forward to your letters. We'll draw always one winner for each issue of the Czech Dialog, who will be rewarded by a book or an audiocassette. {A chance to win is pretty good, because according to our currant experience there would not be too many letters.} For the last issue of the Czech Dialog we have got only a single letter, however very nice - see page 25 of the Christmas issue, Nos. 11 & 12. The letter was sent by Marvin Mark from Houston, who will receive Czech Calendar 2003. Please, tell us what you like or don't like in issues of our journal. We wanted to print the poll in this issue, unfortunately the journal's space is limited, so we have given the preference to prepared articles and indeed we have plenty of them. We would like to know what are your favorite subjects - politics, history, Czech traditions, beautiful places in our country, polemics of our readers - in other word dialog -, cultural news, articles about our people in the world and which of the authors in our journal have impressed you and why? Give us a hand to create our and your journal. Yours truly

Translated by Jerry Zahrádka

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