From Rowboats to sailboats

Petr Růžek 1 2014 Knihy English

Petr Hruby

From Rowboats to sailboats


The book is a story of a life well spent. It’s a story of a true patriot who dedicated his long life to fighting Communism.

The hero turned the tragedy of his exile firstly to educate himself and then to become a great asset to society.

In spite of personal tragedies and losses he always kept his life’s priorities in sight.

He put his constant battle against Communism into effect firstly by helping anti-Communists to escape from Czechoslovakia, thus saving the lives of many.

Later, he became active in educating young and old, writing, broadcasting, and never giving up hope.

The interesting descriptions of his travels, life and customs in various countries and mostly his personal experiences among people of different cultures make the book all the more readable.

The reader learns not only about the horrors and dangers of Communism, but is pleasantly entertained by amusing stories and wise opinions, which as a result become a great food for thought.

Lecturing on all continents, the hero having to become accustomed to different languages and cultures, shows us the way to be more flexible and tolerant.

What an example to all of us who tend to be narrow minded.

By being useful and living unselfishly for a great cause, he himself found happiness even in his previously tumultuous personal life.

The hero well deserves the fruits of a life well lived and the admiration of the world.

He is a true example for all of us, so thank you Peter for writing your memoirs for us and for posterity

Paula Schultz

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