Word of the editor-in-chief, "White January, strong fields"

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I would like to begin at the beginning of the year with something nice and pleasant. Yes moments like that occur. I will write those pleasantries at the end of this article, right now I would rather get the unpleasantries out of the way, almost atrocities. And it is not just a few of them.

In first place is the shameful political dance around the elections of a new president, while the citizens make fun of their elected representatives. Although research of public opinion says that 90% of citizens are for direct voting for the election of the president and although the proposal for the change of the law was proposed by Hana Marvanova before and recently again, members of the parliament are deciding that direct vote could be applied the next time. Well, OK, some them are afraid that the arrogant technocrat Vaclav Klaus would be elected, others fear that Milos Zeman would be elected by the common masses; I understand, I would be afraid, too. I don't have any idea how many citizens of this country are loyal people and how many people are loyal to their parliamentary representatives (this would be a topic for a research agency! I would ask for the results of the survey immediately, if I would have enough money.)

Parliament proposed 4 candidates for the first round (Zeman would have placed himself into the second round): except for Klaus, who was never a Communist (though as he admits, noone offered him membership) three prior Communists, while Petr Pithart corrected his ,young irresponsibility" a long time ago in his fight against Communism, while Bures and Krizenecky were and still are career oriented, to whom it doesn't matter who they follow, so longest as it ,reaps a benefit". Both of them served the former regime, which was according to the law declared as a regime of crimes. Now imagine this scene that took place not long ago in Plzen: During sad festivities, where imprisoned politicians met, somebody took out a poster which had written on it ,Communists were criminals and thiers". That is a correct poster with a true statement. Immediately after the old man, who had experienced jail for a long time, took out the poster many ,citizens" threw themselves at him and tore the poster. It seems that, there is a new secret idea, which theoretically does not exist, though practically does exist. I could go on for a long time, how Communist confiscated property has until today not been returned to the rightful owners, how trials are influenced and play to ,old structures" and how rightful requestors are physically and psychologically followed. And how many Czech newspapers are silent about these events.

Shortly stated: 13 years ago Communism ended and Democracy began. In reality, it seems that these trials don't work, that we are not a rightful state. Communists still come to power by support of other sides. One of these is even Prime minister of Parliament of the Czech Republic. Corruption is present and is present at different levels - from city to parliament it is known and not kept secret, only concrete cases are not discussed nor stated. Nobody catches them. Most ,representatives" of the people are interested in only one thing - money and power. So, I asked Mr. Rott from Switzerland and Mr. Polak from Sweden, who are experts on direct democracy, about these possible changes, which we can't avoid, to write some understandable information. And now finally to the better, positive side. Many Czech people live in the Czech Republic and even in the rest of the world, who aren't indifferent to the political situation. They originated and founded the people's movement for the support of democracy and the renewal of people's rights and also the practice of these rights. And even individuals from home and from the world use their energy, time, and financial support for the necessary change of the political and social climate. They will try to introduce themselves in the next number of this magazine. What is current today - A petition which is signed by "normal and important" citizens from the Czech Republic and the world for the open process od Vladimir Hucin (not secred like the judge wants) and showing aversion against Communist. You will find information on:

http://exeat.com/xbox/vanek/Petice/html and you can sign, too. Not even Czech TV is afraid to broadcast wrongful activities of Communists. Currently, a TV show is being shown, called ,The Lost Soul of a Nation". There are discussions with imprisoned political persons, with former farmers, who lost their land and homes and who went to jail with the description ,kulaci", with other jailers or women who were followed for their standing and who were treated brutally.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And a Czech saying says ,White January, strong fields". If only more people could find in themselves more strength to resist the bad, which surrounds us.

Written by Eva Strizovska,
translated by Helen Vavrecka

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