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Eva Střížovská 11 2013 Slovo redakce English

This is my second week back at home from a visit to California. I am at my computer at home. After taking care of about 30 e-mails, cooking a lunch for a nice visit to take place tomorrow ( I won’t have time to cook then because in the morning will be transporting a bunch of calendars to the railway station to deliver to my coll

Dear Readers:

eague Fialka who will take them to Vienna…atd.) I had to make a decision as to what to do next: Should I put new articles on our web page, or should I write my December Editorial? I picked the first job but I had a problem right away. There was an interesting article about our legions, but has no signature attached and its pictures are in a format which I cannot use.. I can solve this problem but it will take further e-mails and phone calls which will be more time. Please, do not forget to SIGN your contributions. And send pictures in the pdf format. Thank you.

LOTS OF THANKS TO Jara Dusatko, Georgina Teyrovsky and Marie Dolanska from California for their financial contributions to our website. I should thank all good people who helped me in California by taking care of me; they fed me, drove me and dressed me (remember, Katka, how we drove evenings to a hot bubble bath in our housecoats?) What a beautiful memory here in the Prague cold weather!

Thanking everybody would be a long list of names and it would not fit into my column. It will be done eventually and I am looking forward to doing it after taking care of the most pressing business.

I was afraid of getting hit by jetlag. But the first three days I was feeling very well, I sent many calendars away, arranged photographs, did laundry, shopped and spent time with my granddaughters and made Mexican food for them (they had come from far away - from Polish borders, about 100 km). Then the “crisis” hit. Supposedly caused by the full moon. But I am o.k. now.

Two days ago I had a meeting about California and the Christening of my book about Australia in the City Library. The actress Eva Slita Christened my book about Australia (she is mentioned in the book) and it was very nice. Yesterday I had another get-together, this time about Texas, together with Mirek Konvalina. It was held in an interesting place - Pisecka Tower near the Castle. It was also very pleasant.

Soon I will begin to write about California and the Czechs and Slovaks living there. That will also be very pleasant.

Eva Strizovska

Transl. by Marie Dolanska

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