Max Svabinsky

Vladimír Pechar 5 2013 Dějiny English


Even though he seemed to be a rather poor student as a youngster, Max succeeded to be admitted to the Prague Arts Academy and became a student of Maxnillian Pirner. After studying for some time n Paris and producing some unusual creations, he became a professor at the Academy. His work was both traditional and modern including drawing, industrial graphics and engraving. It was obvious that he was not only a skilled craftsman, but that he was really a gifted artist. He joined several artistic societies – e.g. the Societe National des Beaus Arts, the Austrian Hagenbund, and the Czech Manes. He obtained a honorary doctorate from the University in Brno.

Svabinsky designed many Czech postage stamps, also Czech paper bills and drew portraits of famous people.

He used many graphic techniques and he was equally skillful with a brush The number of his creations was enormous. It should be mentioned that we can still admire his work in the vitrages od the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Svabinsky became one of the most outstanding artists of the 20th century in his field.

Vladimir Pechar, Abstract by M.D.


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