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10 2002 Rozhovory English
obálka čísla

Please, could you tell us something about your relationship for Czech music?

At first, in August 1993, in castle `Dolna Krupa' in Slovakia, (The castle is very famouse for where L. v. Beethoven composed `moon-light piano sonnate). I met the very first time, with Prof. Peter Toperczer as a student of his Master class in this castle.

And then in the same year, in October I had been ,awarded', some especial diploma in `Vienna International Music Competition 1993'. In order to accept my award, in a special ceremony, I came to Vienna in October 1993. Then after receiving the award, I come to Prague for the very first time. Prof. Toperczer could have done for me everything so kindly.

He taught, gave and introduced me concernig `Czech Music', everything, also Great histry of Prague and Czech Republic, took me around all important points in Prague. (For example, the cemetary of B. Smetana...)

The following story is the most important point for me. In castle Dolna Krupa, where, Beethoven lived and composed, he also lived with his student, you know, the lady, "Giulietta Guicciardi". In August 1993, I also lived with Prof. Toperczer in the castle Dolna Krupa, and during staying there, I felt everday really some "ghost" in that castle...

I was in the castle, "Giulietta Guicciardi", ...ghost and Prof. Toperczer was Beethoven's....ghost. (This my imagination is maybe very funny or crazy, because as same thing, at that time I had some concerts as student of him, ...means my situation was ,before concert'.)

In short, Beethoven (- Prof. Toperczer) gave me (- Giulietta Guicciardi) everything, all inspirations of Czech Music (especially I received from him L. Janacek).

Why do you like to come here to the Czech Republic or Prague?

Because, for me Prague is very, very big "castle", only in - Prague, where I could feel so magical, like mystery, wonder, marvelouse inspiration which I need very strongly for playing my own original performance.

Sometimes I feel a bit scared in Prague, because, for me, Prague is ,a fairyland', so sometimes I have experience I met some fairy-ghost, and also real Mozart! Prague has big magic power, mysterious charm which makes for me some magical playing... for me, music is just my heart where deeply "an angel" and also "a devil" bothl ive .

Only Prague can make me come to such a world... and also this is the special important thing: Beethoven - Prof. Peter Toperczer gave and invited me to the most beautiful PRAGUE and CZECH MUSIC All over the world having unbelievable BIG magical power !!


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