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As you already know from previous articles, the Japanese virtuous pianist, Mrs. Yumeki was on tour throughout Germany, and before that, she gave a concert in HAMU in the Bohuslav Martin Hall on October 4, 2002. In connection, with her prior visit to Prague, in spring she gave a concert in Atria and in Bertramka, she has prepared a repertoir from Smetana. She has offered to appear, free-of-charge, at the Smetana museum in Prague. It occured on October 1, 2002 at 18:00 in the newly opened museum, where not long ago it was flooded by the Vltava river.

Mainly due to Yumeki's love for Czech music and the city of Prague, it led us to ask her some questions, which she readily and willingly provided.

Jiřina Hanzlová ?br: Translated by Helen Vavrecka

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