Concert to Honor Eva Strizovska – Music without Borders #2

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It took place on March 14th 2013 at the Czech Music Museum. Many well-known people came to celebrate an important date in Eva Strizovska’s life. Marina Huzvarova, the editor-in-Chief of the Academic Bulletin, brought a whole delegation of foreign newspaper writers. Many friends and authors of the Czech Dialogue came, as well as Sokol representatives from Munich, and friends from Hungary.

The  Chamber Orchestra of Dvorak’s Country under the direction of Vaclav Mazacek played  compositions by Handel and Vivaldi and presented two excellent flutists: Veronika Sedlackova and Jana Simonova. Their performance was followed by concert violinist Jaroslav Sonsky accompanied by Sylvaine Wiart and the whole orchestra playing  some beautiful Mendelsson music.

It was a memorable evening enjoyed by all.

Translated by Marie Dolanska


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