We Thank Our Contributors!

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We promised that we shall publicize in March the names of all those good people who supported us with a financial contribution.

All of you received a letter from us where we explained : We create the journal on the web, all of us are volunteers without any pay, but we must pay rent for our office, for the web page, phone and there are other necessities connected with this activity. We also asked our readers to contribute something  to this work. We also asked you to possibly sponsor a specific favored category in our journal.

Some of you have heard our plea and did support us, some sent money even before receiving our letter. However we did not receive enough to pay all the bills. We are still hopeful that we will hear from more of you- if you are interested in our journal.

“ Man does not live by bread alone”- he also needs some sustenance for his soul. Our magazine contains articles from all walks of life. We know that about ten thousand people read the Czech Dialogue regularly, but only a very small percentage of them give us any support.

We do not want to stop our activity only because we lack a relatively small amount of money to continue.

We  Czechs like to think of ourselves as an educated and well-read nation. Therefore it is important to also act as one. We have a small but very pleasant office in the historical Klementinum( the largest Prague palace). The office serves also as a meeting place for visitors from the whole world as well as from our homeland and the rent is very low. We would like to keep it…

Please, help us occasionally even with a little contribution - maybe just the amount that a cup of coffee or dessert would cost. You may send it to the editorial office :

Cesky dialog, Sokolovska 179,  Praha 9,  Acct. number 110 103 4001/5500 or tour representatives, in USA:


Zelmira Zivny/Cesky dialog

10815 Breed Ave

Oakland, CA. 94603


e-mail:  ZelkaZ@aol.com


Here are the names of our good contributors. We also thank in advance to all of you who will contribute in the future. We will be glad to add also your names to the list.


Anna Balev, USA

Anička Bašič, Bosna-Hercegovina, ČR

Dana Bates, Austrálie

Rudolf Cainer, Rakousko

Michaela Cíglerová, USA, ČR

Majka Cron, Švýcarsko

Oldřich Černý, Švýcarsko, ČR

Oldřich Čupr, Švýcarsko, ČR

Marie Dolanská, USA

Máša Exnarová, Švýcarsko

Manželé Havlovi, Švédsko

Hlaváčkovi, ČR

Jerry Jirák, USA

Blanka Karlsson, Švédsko

PhDr. Ladislav Kocsis, ČR

Alena Klímová, ČR

Manželé Koutných, Švédsko, ČR

Manželé Kubešovi, Švýcarsko

Jiřina Klevstig, Švédsko

Olga Marlin, USA, ČR

Dagmar Leypoldová, Austrálie

Panek Ctirad, Německo

George Piper, Luxemburg

Manželé Pokorných, Holandsko

Štěpánka Riemová, ČR

Ota Štorch, Švédsko

Sláva Trombik, Nový Zéland

Ivan Trefný, Švédsko

Dana Seidlová, Švýcarsko, ČR

Jaroslav Šonský, Švédsko, ČR

Evandro Trachta, Brazílie

František Tuháček, ČR

Alena Vaďurová, ČR

Tom Vašíček, Rakousko

Denis Verňák, USA

Linda Vlasak, USA

Marie Imbrová, ČR

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