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A lot of wonderful people live in the heavenly city of Corpus Christi in the Gulf of Mexico in southern Texas. Among them are the president of the Sokol Lodge 79 Jerry Sijansky, Leroy Ryza of Czech Heritage, and Frances Kaspar -- KJT, Wilbur Hermis- Sokol, Rosalee Bottlusal, Vic Maresh and others.

More about these great people follows:

Jerry Elzner is a member of numerous Czech organizations. What's admirable however is that he is a very active member. There's hardly a day when Jerry is not doing something for the Czech cause. For example, he had sent letters to all the mayors in Texas counties to help establish October as Czech Heritage Month. Mayor Lloyd Neal made the proclamation in Texas. Kentucky and other states in US will probably follow.

It was Jerry again who organized a collection for COS Sokol, to help finance repairs of the historical House of Tyrs in Prague, which suffered damage on account of this summer's floods. They have already collected almost 3000 USD.

Besides all this, Jerry takes care of his good wife Milly, who is at this time in the hospital because of a serious illness.

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